Women staples in UK for petite women

In a world of changing trends, some articles of clothing are classic. Their use and preference will never fall down on the graph of popularity and heightened fashion sense. Therefore, every petite woman needs a wardrobe that consists of staples that will never run down on the fashion scale. This wardrobe basically consists of few key staples that will prove to be its highlight. We have gathered a few staples for petite women, in the UK, that will never disappoint them in the long run for fashion. These pieces are timeless and will have the same effect on the wearer, as well as the watcher.

We have accumulated these six staples for petite women after a long research and observation of what petite women like to wear. This is a great recommendation for those who are building their wardrobe from scratch. Even if you have a stuffed wardrobe, make sure that these staples become a part of it, as they never outgrow the fashion sense in the UK.

The Classic White Tee

Petite or not, the white tee never goes out of fashion. In terms of fabric sustainability and the exhibition of an elegant fashion sense, smart women`s wardrobes will always have a bunch of these. At a working year`s grand formal party or a colleague`s big birthday bash, this particular article never goes out of fashion as a staple for petite women. Match it with a cool pair of jeans, or a skirt, that goes down below the knees, and the classic white tee will always be seen as an elegant addition to the wardrobe of a petite woman.

Not just outgoing petite women can claim it as a must-have, but also domesticated ones can host their gatherings in a classic white tee. Whenever unsure, always remember, this staple is available to save your day.

The Long Jacket

Petite women can add up five stars to their fashion sense by using this timeless clothing article with any ensemble- be it a dressing gown, a classic white tee and a pair of jeans, or a suit trouser. The overall look of a jacket on the body of a petite woman is an embodiment of the maxim “dressed to kill”. It can serve multiple purposes, as it helps protect the inner and the actual attire for the designated evening, as well as shielding the wearer from intense weathers, specifically during the rough fall in the UK. The Long Smart Leather Jacket never goes out of fashion, and remains a non-removable part of the wardrobe of a petite yet fashionable woman.

It covers up the wearer in parties and funerals alike, with no distinction of the alternating fashion trends. If you are looking for an article that can be kept for years onwards, the long jacket is the right thing to claim the spot. Choose the right color to it, and then, show the world how fashionable you are, for years and years to come.


You will be amazed if you get to watch a fashion show in UK. The petite models are no longer wearing high heels and flashy, dazzling sandals. Their outfits are punctuated by white pair of trainers, most of the time, which makes quite a fashion statement for all aspiring women, petite or not.

Stilettos are replaced by trainers when the wearer chooses comfort over exhibition. It is a vital addition to a petite woman`s wardrobe, which will be incomplete without the addition of this particular staple.

A pair of trainers never go out of trend. It is not just a high fashion statement but a sign of comfort and coziness of another level for the wearer. Petite women and their wardrobes must have a pair or two of white trainers, which can be worn to a warm July evening`s luncheon or to a colleague`s farewell party. It can bravely match the long jacket or the white tee as a perfect fit. For women who work, trainers can prove to be a godsend.

These trainers also fit in the frame of a floral dress, which is supposed to be worn to a formal occasion.

The everyday Bag

Be it a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci, all petite women`s wardrobe consists of that everyday bag that remains to be a part of her fashion sense. Such bags are mostly black in color, so that they can be matched with any article of clothing worn. Other than this, these everyday bags build up a fashion statement for their user because of the perfection of the match it creates with the attire which is worn. Not too big, not too small, it is just the right size for a petite woman to carry all her possessions without exposing or losing them. In the process, she marks a trail on the path of fashion. Home or abroad, the everyday bag is the best companion of a petite woman.

The Parisian Chic Breton

After the classic white tee, if any article of clothing leaves an impression in a gathering is the Parisian chic Breton. It is known well for the design of its neck, which is sometimes circular, elongated, deep back, or striped boat neck. All these designs of the neck area look exquisite on a petite woman, as she has some attractive jawlines and bones to show to the party.

Whenever in a hurry, a petite woman throws on one of these with a pair of jeans, a skirt or a trouser, and she is sorted. It is a sense altering sight to get the Bretons with logos and embroidered floral bunches on the chest, adding more timelessness to this staple article of clothing.


For a petite woman looking for ideas to build her wardrobe, these staples will serve the purpose of dressing up with a sense of purpose and choice. This will not only save time and energy of a woman looking forward to use up a variety to get dressed up, but also provide sustainability and range to the wardrobe of petite women.

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